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Birthdate:Mar 22
Website:Deviantart Page
I have no idea what to say here....
I guess I'll just give you some of my current likes and dislikes. ^_^

My Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Top Gear, Torchwood & Doctor Who

My Favorite Authors Are: Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

My Favorite Movie: Moonchild

My Favorite Musicals: Phantom of the Opera & Sweeny Todd

My Favorite Novels: Good Omens, Smoke and Shadows & Here, There Be Dragons

My Favorite Comic: Legion of Superheroes (Vol. 4), Young Justice

My Current Obsessions Is: THE DC UNIVERSE

My OTP Is: Sylar/Peter

My OT3 Is: Tim/Bart/Kon

The Pairing I Want to See More Of: Brainiac 5/Lyle Norg

The Medium I’m Using Most Now Is: Fanart

You Can Find Me At: Livejournal
(It's where I post most of my stuff)

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